More Set Pictures

I have added more set pictures from Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You, thanks to Renae.

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Glorious 39
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I have re added better quality screencaps from Glorious 39, he wasn’t in the movie much but he was still great. Here are the clips for those who haven’t seen them.

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Mr Nobody
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I realised I left out a few scenes so I’ve capped them and readded caps in better quality, I have also added clips.

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Watch the other clips here.

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I have created a Twitter page for the site, so please follow us :)


Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You On Set

I have added 2 on set images from Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You, if anyone has them in HQ please let me know.

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New Layout
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I have added a new layout by Sunflower Girl Designs please leave a comment :)

Articles On “Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You”

The drama tells the tale of an isolated youngster (Toby Regbo) who must contend with his dysfunctional family the summer before he heads to college. Ellen Burstyn, Marcia Gay Harden, Lucy Liu and Stephen Lang are already on board.

Source: Reuters.

The film, which is being directed by Roberto Faenza, centers on a recent high school grad (to be played by Toby Regbo) who feels out of step among his affluent peers despite being raised in a privileged albeit broken home by his mother.

Source: Theatermania.

GMTV – Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Exclusive
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I have uploaded a behind the scenes exlusive from GMTV, it doesn’t feature Toby, but some new scenes, I doubt we’ll see him in a trailer as his role is small.

Time Travel Takes Too Many Routes In Mr. Nobody
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A review on Mr Nobody

A very, very old and possibly senile man lies in hospital in 2092 and gradually recalls key fragments of his life in a jumble of flashbacks, flash forwards, near-death experiences and fantasy in Belgian filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael’s Mr. Nobody, an ambitious, if uneven, experimental sci-fi romance that is less a thought-provoker than a dazzling juggling act.

We learn our protagonist’s name is Nemo (Latin for “no one”), a sly reference to Jules Verne’s underwater captain considering this Nemo can’t swim, an important factor in several path-altering decisions. The emotional crux of the film is a brutal scene in which nine-year-old Nemo (Thomas Byrne), whose parents are divorcing, stands on a train platform and is asked to choose whether to leave with his mother (Natasha Little) or stay with his father (Rhys Ifans). We see three versions of him as a teen (a fine performance by Toby Regbo) and as a 34-year-old (Leto) which result from him taking both tracks, so to speak, of that childhood decision.

READ MORE @ The Globe And Mail.

Interview From Tusk Tusk
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How would your describe your character of Elliot?
It’s has taken me a long while to figure out who he is – it’s part of the process. Basically he’s the oldest brother in the family and he’s got two younger siblings, a younger sister and his younger brother, so he has to protect the family. He’s almost a fundamentalist in that he will protect his family to the dying day, until he’s in ultimate pain, until everything’s gone wrong. He says even until we are starving. Until he can’t handle a moment more of it, he’s going to protect them. He thinks the whole way through that it’s for the best and that he’s doing it for their own good.

Why do you think that he has this extraordinary motive to keep the family together and protect them?
He’s seen what can happen when it goes wrong. In the past they’ve had problems with the social services and the last thing that he wants is for his family to split up. We had a Social Services person come in and talk to us, and he said that, although the family hypothetically could be split up, it’s not very likely. But Eliot has this skewed view of what’s going on, he’s got a very clichéd perception. He doesn’t want to mix with authority, he doesn’t like the police, he doesn’t like neighbours, he doesn’t like anyone else, he doesn’t like social services workers, he doesn’t like anyone intruding. So he’s got this idea of a terrible Social Services man coming in, tearing their family apart. So he’s protecting them from what he thinks is the worst thing that could happen: his family getting split up.

READ MORE @ Royal Court Theatre.