Fall TV First Impression: The CW’s Reign
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TVline gave Regin a postive review!

THE FIRST IMPRESSION | Well knock me over with a feather. Upon watching the cutdown for this unlikely CW offering at the Upfronts, I instantly penciled it in for a short run. I perhaps didn’t “get it,” or, more likely, my eyes had glazed over from the trailers for the network’s myriad new sci-fi shows. But in viewing this pilot in full, Reign just might emerge a sleeper hit (by CW standards). It could be that its stark differences (era, setting) from Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Hart of Dixie and the like will make it “pop,” or that its super-sudsy themes (love! lust! betrayal! infidelity! voyeurism! self-pleasure! wait, what?) will reel in the abandoned Gossip Girl crowd. (For good measure, there is a whiff of supernatural hullabaloo thrown in.) The cast is uniformly fine — Kane gives Mary a root-for quality, but Regbo reads a bit ripe — with everyone amusingly doing some variation on a British-y accent that is neither French nor Scottish. C’est la vie!

THE TVLINE BOTTOM LINE | This fate of this one lies largely on The CW’s promo department, which needs to sell what is technically a costumed period drama (“But Ma, I don’t want to learn!”) as the seductive, out-of-time sudser that it is. One X-factor is how Person of Interest‘s relocation will change the Thursdays-at-9 landscape — not that those 13 million older-skewing eyeballs will instinctively dart over to The CW, but the new CBS comedy The Crazy Ones isn’t gonna inherit them all. I optimistically predict better-than-Beastly numbers. Whatever the case, Reign‘s trajectory should be curious to observe.

Source: TVline

New Article On ‘Reign’
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A STAR of a new TV show that plays fast and loose with Mary Queen Of Scots has insisted they did not rewrite history…completely.But Toby Regbo, 21, who plays Francis, the Dauphin of France who married the teenage Scots queen, admits the storylines and ­costumes of Reign have been tweaked a little from the historical facts of Mary’s life.

He said: “Our take on the story of Mary is so ­drastically modern.

“There are updated ­costumes – lots of sequins – and I wear some pretty interesting stuff. I’ve got knee-high boots on most of the time.

“At one point I was wearing leather trousers. I have some pretty good costumes. Golden tunics and whatever. I like it.”

Read the rest of the article here.


Toby Attends ‘UWantMeToKillHim’ Photocall and EIFF
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A few days ago Toby attended ‘UWantMeToKillHim’ photocall and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. View the images below and thanks to EIFF for the images.

UWantMeToKillHim Photocall at Cineworld

p7.jpg p1.jpg p3.jpg p6.jpg

Edinburgh International Film Festival

05~0.jpg 02~1.jpg 09~0.jpg 10~0.jpg

Also, congratulations to Toby and his co-star Jamie Blackley for winning Best performance at the EIFF!

Best performance in a British feature film

Jamie Blackley and Toby Regbo in uwantme2killhim? (dir. Andrew Douglas)

Source: The Gaurdian

New Layout & Screen Captures
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Toby Regbo has a new layout and also check out screen captures for Toby’s new film ‘ Uwantme2killhim‘ teaser trailer.

pic00017~1.jpg pic00027~1.jpg pic00037~1.jpg pic00009~1.jpg

‘Uwantme2killhim’ Teaser Trailer and Stills
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‘Uwantme2killhim’ official page has released a teaser trailer and news stills for Toby’s new film. View them below and I am still working on new content for the site so please check back soon.

09.jpg 07.jpg 05.jpg 10.jpg

Working On Site
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I’m working on catching up this site with Toby news, check back soon for updates and new content. Thanks.

Toby Regbo in ‘Heart of Nowhere’ Short MV
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Check out the short music video and images of Toby in ‘Heart of Nowhere’ for the band Noah and the Whale, and song ‘There Will Come A time’.

pic00059.jpg pic00096.jpg pic00116.jpg pic00119.jpg

New Owner!
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Heya everyone and I am Sa and very excited to be the new owner for Toby Regbo Online. A big thanks for Gertie for allowing me to adopt this site and so hapy to be updating everyone with Toby news whom is all so talented young actors.

I will be working on a new layout and updating the site. Thanks everyone!

Glorious 39
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Glorious 39 is being shown on BBC2 at 9pm tonight.

MI High
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The episode of MI High that Toby was in is being reshown on the 24th of July on the CBBC Channel at 4.30pm.